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Disk Not Ejected Properly



  • Robert Appleton

    Hi Brandon, Thanks for this comprehensive list of things to check under these circumstances - the best I've seen.

    I was having this problem recently - and I discovered that I'd mistakenly plugged the power plug for my StarTech USB3 hub into my Glyph Hub and some random 2 amp power plug into the Glyph Hub. So the drives were ejecting and display port was really slow in mounting my external monitor. I discovered this dumb mistake after reading your summary. And as soon as I fixed it, the problem disappeared. Glad you're keeping these FAQ's updated for all the recent changes in hardware and software - M1 silicon, APFS, Catalina, Big Sur, USB 2, 3 and 4, thunderbolt... (gasp) this is invaluable...

  • Brandon Richardson


    Thank you! Great to hear you solved your issue. 

    Thank you for choosing Glyph and have a great day!

    Brandon Richardson / Service Technician

  • Amit Gupta

    I have the Glyph Atom Pro NVMe 2TB SSD.  I use it with a MacBook Pro running MacOs Big Sur 11.2.  The drive has two partitions, 1.3TB and 700 (or so)GB.  I have previously been using the smaller partition as a Time Machine backup.  I tried my first backup on Big Sur yesterday, and the process has frozen.  I guess the Mac wanted to do a full backup on Big Sur and space may have been lacking.  I have tried to eject the TimeMachine partition and it will not because it says the drive is being used.  I have tried First Aid and Erasing the drive, both without success for the same reason.  I have tried the suggested troubleshooting steps including the NVRA reset without success.  I have restarted in Recovery mode and Disk Utility unhelpful there too.  I can force eject the drive, but on plugging back in, the issue persists.

    How do I delete the "2021-02-05-194833.inProgress" file that is the likely culprit for making the Mac think there is an ongoing use of the drive?  I have tried connecting to another Mac without success.  I even tried connecting to a PC and formatting the drive, but the PC sees the drive as an external SSD, but I was unable to access or format the drive.  Any assistance appreciated.  I put a call in to Apple support and they are researching the issue too.

    I am totally okay with formatting the drive, but I currently cannot.  I would do it on the PC if possible, but I have not been able to for the brief time I spent trying there--limited PC knowledge.


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